The Diversity Interest Group (DIG) is a new and unique collaboration of academics at the University of Greenwich who are interested in researching and understanding equality and diversity. The remit of the group is equality and diversity matters arising from any of the 9 protected characteristics covered in the Equality Act 2010:

1. Age
2. Race
3. Sex
4. Disability
5. Sexual orientation
6. Pregnancy and maternity
7. Religion or belief
8. Gender reassignment
9. Marriage or civil partnership

The Diversity Interest Group provides space for collaboration, cross-fertilisation of ideas and germination of new ideas to research and improve our understanding of equality and diversity in the workplace. In particular, the group encourages interdisciplinary research and approaches that include intersectionality.

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View photos from our latest event “Time’s up: proposed solutions to Equality and Diversity Challenges in 2018” on 11th June 2018 on our twitter: https://twitter.com/dig_uog

For more information please contact:

Dr Laura William
Founder and Leader of Diversity Interest Group


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